Ever Thought of Setting Up a Pocket Number?

5th May 2020

If you’re running a business which sees you on the move constantly, it’s likely you’ll assume that a landline number isn’t the best choice for you. Naturally so – as traditionally, landlines are based at physical locations. More often than not, they can tie you down to a specific area and office, meaning that even if you did want to roam around, it would be very difficult for you to mobilise.

That, thankfully, is where pocket numbers have started to come in handy. It’s just one of many brilliant, flexible commercial comms services we support at Planet Telecom. But what exactly are pocket numbers? How could they benefit you in the years to come? Let’s take a look.

Pocket Numbers: The Basics

As the name suggests, pocket numbers are those which you can effectively take with you. However, that’s where the literal nature of the name ends! It is essentially the setting up of a landline or office number which you can take with you.

Rather than having to stick around in the office all hours of the day, you can now take your landline calls and messages on the go with you. This is a world where more and more of us are going mobile, and it therefore makes sense to make things more flexible. You can set up a landline number which you can transfer to a mobile device, meaning your office is wherever you wish to travel.

Planet Telecom offers a pocket numbers service for businesses of all sizes. We understand that companies are looking for new ways to stay flexible for their customers. Why should you have to stay put when you can take your work on the go?

How Could Pocket Numbers Benefit You?

You only have to look at the thousands of businesses and professionals already using these services to see how much of a change they could make to the way you run your firm. For one thing, it means that you can continue to take important work landline calls while travelling, attending other meetings and more besides.

There are plenty of great reasons to set up pocket numbers. It’s safe to say that no one really expects businesses to stay rooted all the time in this day and age. Therefore, by setting up these services, you won’t be going against any expectations customers may have of you.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the wider-reaching benefits.

Ditch the Mobile Number

It’s safe to say that simply offering up a mobile number as your sole point of contact might not be too appealing to your customers. If you are working as a sole trader or on behalf of a small business, it may be tempting to lead with a mobile number – however, it doesn’t really have that professional a look.

You can, therefore, tie in a landline number – with a national prefix or an 0800, for example – to put across that you are a serious business. Some people might think that a mobile number is just going to connect to someone’s private line! When they need a bit more confidence in the businesses they need to call, it remains to be said that a professional prefix and a custom number is going to give off that more of a special first impression.

Upscale Your Business

A real downside to landline rental – traditionally – is the fact that you will normally need to base yourself in one location. This means that, should you wish to expand or extend your firm in future, you’ll need to move location completely – and you’ll likely need to change your landline number. Not only that, but you’ll likely have to do a lot of connecting and reconnecting along the way. This is hassle and confusion you really shouldn’t have to deal with every time your business undergoes expansion or change.

Therefore, make sure to set up with a call system that grows with you. A flexible service such as pocket numbers will allow you to grow your firm as you see fit without physical communications constraints. It means that you can add new team members and personnel along the way, too.

You should also know that you can route calls from a single pocket number out to field agents using mobile devices. This means that you might not even need to set up an office at all! It’s an incredible amount of flexibility in a time which demands as much from you. Therefore, don’t be afraid to reach out to these services if you want to avoid pinning yourself and the team into cubicles.

A Modern Approach

It’s pretty safe to say that mobile working is the future. More and more of us are working from home, and beyond this, fewer and fewer businesses actually feel the need to pin themselves down to a physical location. Customers and clients expect a degree of mobile working – it has become the new normal in a lot of respects.

What’s more, pocket numbers can be set up alongside a variety of other modern comms facilities. For example, you could set up pocket numbers with call handling services attached, meaning that you don’t even have to answer the phone yourself if you’re unable to. What’s more, modern VoIP standards mean that you and the team can keep flexible on the go and can ensure you never miss a call.

Crucially, the services we offer at Planet Telecom ensure that you are taking every call you can – and that your customers can stay connected to you without any complaint or hassle. The modern age of communications is very exciting indeed – and we are here to help you harness that for the best – and for years to come.

Want to know more about pocket numbers and moving your work on the go? It’s time to look at setting up a flexible new way to grow your custom and revenue – start future-proofing your business for the years and years to come!

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