Don’t forget: with Planet Telecom you can call all over the world from just a penny a minute

16th March 2015

Here are a few of the highlights to feast your eyes on…

Country Cost
Angola 6p/min
Angola Mobile 6p/min
Bangladesh 2.5p/min
Bangladesh Mobile 2.5p/min
Croatia Mobile 7p/min
Fiji 15p/min
Fiji Mobile 15p/min
Iceland Mobile 3p/min
Ireland Mobile 7p/min
Ivory Coast 20p/min
Jordan Mobile 10p/min
Kazakhstan Mobile 7p/min
Malta Mobile 3p/min
Myanmar 18p/min
Myanmar Mobile 18p/min
Panama 3p/min
Panama Mobile 12p/min
Peru Mobile 7p/min
Slovakia Mobile 10p/min
South Africa Mobile 3p/min
Swaziland Mobile 12p/min
Taiwan Mobile 9p/min
Uzbekistan Mobile 5p/min
Vietnam Mobile 7p/min

Compare what you’d pay for the same calls with your usual network provider and it’s actually quite jaw-dropping. You can find the latest rates for all destinations here.

To get these astonishingly low international call rates using your mobile you have to buy a ‘calling card’ which simply deposits a pre-paid sum onto your account which you have to use within 60 days. When you’ve used up your credit you simply buy some more. Easy.

Although we call it a ‘calling card’ service, there’s no actual card involved, though.   Find out more here

As with our landline cheap international calls service, we bring you these mega-savings by diverting your international mobile calls around our own internet network. And, as with the landline service, the per minute rate you see applies all day every day.

What’s more the 0161 number should be included in your monthly minutes package so it’s effectively free to call. Our calling card service is available on all the networks apart from Virgin (sorry, Virgin users). So give it a go right now.

Here’s to a successful and even-cheaper 2015!

Alex Deutsch
Planet Telecom