Digital Adverts – But Not As You Know Them

20th April 2017

Digital adverts can now be found in towns and cities throughout the world, but holographic adverts? They’ve always been the preserve of science fiction… until now.

Beam me up Scotty

Tech start-up Lightvert have trialled technology in London which can produce digital images that appear to be 200m high and floating in mid air. The illusion works by beaming an image from a high-powered projector towards a strip of reflective material attached to the side of a building. The image is then refracted directly into the viewer’s eye, exploiting ‘persistence of vision’ – the same effect sparklers have when a trail of light appears as they are waved around in low-level light conditions, creating a momentary image.

Coming to a city near you

The firm hopes that landlords will embrace the technology and install their equipment to enable the adverts to be displayed to passers by and in turn generate a substantial income. Whether or not you feel digital floating adverts are a good idea or not, the idea is no longer restricted to science fiction films and could well be on a high street near you very soon.

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