Did you know? 0800 Numbers are free to call from all mobiles and landlines!

9th June 2017

The biggest benefit to having an 0800 number is how your customers respond to seeing an 0800 number listed. Studies have shown that 90% of customers recognise that calling an 0800 number is going to be a free call.

Since June 2015 it has been free to call 0800 numbers not only from landline phones but also all mobile phones!

As a result, customers are more likely to want to call your business with the comfort and knowledge that they will not be charged for the call. This had led to some advertising response rates rising to up to 185% as a result of listing an 0800 freephone number.

0800 number charge table

More information about the 0800 number services that we provide here at Planet Telecom can be found here.

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