Could Free International Calls Give Your Business a Boost?

6th November 2020

When it comes to growing any kind of business or enterprise in the modern age, you have to think big. Not only do you need to think about growing the size of your company, your range of products and services, you also need to think about growing the size of your client base! Therefore, you need to really start looking for the best ways to reach out to as many people as possible as soon as you can after setting up your stall.

However, there are only ever going to be so many people you can reach when it comes to appealing to a UK audience. Even if you are starting small as an entrepreneur or as a sole trader, you should absolutely start thinking about setting up a client outreach program which extends overseas. Otherwise, who knows how much interest or custom you could be missing out on?

Getting an international outreach program up and running isn’t always going to be simple. However, it certainly makes sense to have provisions in place to be able to call and pitch to overseas businesses and entrepreneurs on an affordable and flexible basis.

But in a day and age where international calling, especially from business lines, is so expensive – how on Earth are you going to make this worth the money? Luckily, Planet Numbers is right here with you to help make international calling that little bit easier on your bank balance.

Call International Clients for Free

If you are a sole trader or entrepreneur, you may find that some of the bigger packages and services opening up to businesses are a little too ‘grand’ for your needs right now. That’s understandable. Not only should you be looking for call packages and services which are affordable within your budget, you should also be looking for solutions which are flexible and scalable within what you need.

With free international calls from Planet Numbers, it is as easy as using an 08 proxy. There’s no need for you to have to set up any kind of subscription or registration with us – simple call one of our two 08 lines and enter in the international number you’d like to call. We’ll then patch you through to your connection just as if you’re calling directly from your business mobile.

The benefit to this for you is, of course, the fact that you’re calling an 08 number, not an international line. Even in modern times, calling abroad is still hugely expensive through many mobile and landline carriers. Why not cut down the cost of pitching to overseas prospects and use a proxy instead?

Advantages of VoIP Over PSTN

How Does This Work?

Instead of you running up hefty bills on your mobile or landline service by calling international numbers directly, you only ever need to call one 08 number. This is our proxy, which means that when you call and request to connect to an overseas line, we will automatically patch you over to your international contact. Just make sure you have the correct international prefix for the territory you’re dialling.

As you’re calling via 08 number, you must make sure that your business mobile or landline carrier offers inclusive calls and rates to these prefixes. Otherwise, you will still find that you are charged for calls to our proxies. If you’re on an inclusive package or rate, then you have nothing to worry about – calls to Planet Numbers and therefore abroad will simply come out of your minutes.

Therefore, do always make sure that you are keeping close tabs on how many business minutes you have left! Ensure that you approach your network or landline provider before using our international proxies, as this will give you complete peace of mind as to how much you are being charged, and what you can expect in the long run.

Is This a Good Option for Entrepreneurs?

It’s a great strategy for entrepreneurs and sole traders who may not have a fixed office or any kind of formal communications service. If you are running an enterprise on your own and only have a business mobile to hand, then it makes sense to look for a proxy service to help bring down the costs of calling internationally.

We think that mobile networks and landline providers still charge over the odds for international calling. Unfortunately, overseas calls have been premium priced for many years now, and despite the fact that the world is ‘shrinking’, many small business owners and individuals are continuing to rack up the bills without realising it.

Choosing a proxy to call rather than calling international numbers directly means that you are taking initiative and greater control over your charges. While you’re going to need to pitch to as wide an audience as possible, it stands to reason that you should be looking for the most affordable and most flexible ways to do so.

Instead of signing up for an expensive international calls package or tariff directly with a provider, why not consider using a proxy with Planet Numbers? As long as you’re covered for 08 calls at your provider’s end, there should be no worries as to how much you’re spending on reaching out abroad.

Why Connect to Overseas Clients?

Restricting your business to UK businesses only isn’t ever going to be great practice. While you may find that the crux of your client base is based at home, you really should focus on expanding your remit. To do this, you’re going to need to mount an outreach program that means more than just appealing to overseas prospects via social media.

Planet Numbers is pleased to offer a flexible international calling proxy which requires no commitment or subscription. Simply pick a proxy number, dial, and enter in the international code and number you want to connect to. We’ll do the rest. Consider us your personal switchboard to the rest of the world!

Don’t pay through the nose for international calls. Use a proxy with Planet Numbers and get in touch with more clients than ever before.