Choosing a Memorable Number for Your Business

18th March 2020

Businesses are normally encouraged to make multiple communication avenues available for their customers. However, most customers prefer to communicate via phone, which is why companies prioritise our memorable numbers.

The problem with ordinary phone numbers is that people can never remember them. This is why memorable numbers for businesses are so important. They consist of strings of digits that are arranged in sequences that make them easier to remember.

Companies provide memorable numbers because it increases the chances of customers reaching out to them. But selecting a decent memorable number is easier said than done because many of the obvious ones have already been taken.

And even if that wasn’t the case, not all memorable numbers are the same. Some are simply better than others, which is why you need to keep the following in mind when selecting a memorable phone number:

Creating Associations

If you want people to remember your memorable number, create an association with another sequence of figures they are familiar with. For instance, try using important dates and years from the history of the British Empire.

People are more likely to remember a phone number if it is associated with an event they cannot forget. You need to bank on the fact that anyone trying to remember your company’s number will remember the event in question and that will remind them of the phone number.

Keeping Things Simple

One way to create a successful memorable number is to keep it as simple as possible. Find a sequence of figures that is too straightforward for anyone to forget, for instance, the exact same number repeating (for example, 1111, 1111) or a series of consecutive numbers (1234, 5678). Such numbers practically dial themselves.

Try to Rhyme

Make the number catchy. Find a sequence of figures that rhyme. This is especially important for promotions. Your target audience is more likely to remember a phone number that was read on radio or television if it has some kind of flow to it.

To figure out whether or not your number is catchy, apply a song to it. Does it lend itself to a fun and upbeat melody? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you have struck gold because you can add the digits to a tune that your audience is guaranteed to sing all year long. Naturally, no one can forget a phone number inserted in a song they spend their days humming to.

Use the 0800 Prefix

A memorable phone number gains greater efficacy when it is paired with an 0800 prefix because 0800 numbers are free to call for customers. Your customers are more likely to call a number with a catchy sequence that is also free.

As you can see, it takes time to find a decent memorable number. But that is to be expected. After all, the number you choose will become part of your company’s brand. You cannot afford to use a memorable number that will confuse users rather than encouraging them to call.

If you think this is the right time to buy a memorable phone number for your business, Planet Telecom is just the perfect choice for you. Increase your brand recognition and make your customers gain easy access to you by using our affordable memorable number.