Cheap International Calls: How Do They Work for Individuals?

26th October 2022

The cost of calling loved ones abroad is still, sadly, very expensive. In the day and age of online calls, it’s hard to believe that mobile carriers and landline operators still expect us to pay through the nose to speak to someone overseas for a few minutes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have access to cheap international calls all year round?

If you still enjoy using the old dog and bone to call family, friends, and colleagues overseas, Planet Telecom can help drive down the costs of international communication. You don’t have to sign up for a contract, and you don’t even need to change your current mobile tariff or landline plan. Let’s dig a bit deeper into what you need to know.

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How do cheap international calls work?

While there may be some mobile tariffs and bolt-ons out there that let you call international mobiles and landlines at a reduced cost, it’s still at a premium expectation. Many people drift towards data calling, but this can end up being spotty and difficult to stay connected to if your loved ones are in rural areas without internet access.

Cheap international calls offered by Planet Telecom don’t need any kind of internet or data connection. Through a basic access number, you can call hundreds of countries at a reduced per minute rate. Whether you pay with a top up or through your standard bill is up to you – we don’t expect you to sign any contracts.

By using a cheap international call bypass number, we can connect you directly to the people you wish to call without your network or provider adding on extra costs. It’s completely legal, and the number you’ll call is covered at a low rate within your carrier’s rules and tariffs.

How can I make cheap international calls?

If you want to make cheap international calls from the UK, it’s as simple as topping up your Planet Telecom credit or using our direct access line to reach your desired number in a flash.

To use our 01 prepayment line, you’ll simply need to log into your Planet Telecom account online and top up at least £5 via PayPal.

You can then call 0161 328 7777 and enter in the number you wish to dial overseas. Your conversation will then be chargeable based on our cheap international tariff.

For instant access without topping up, call 0843 715 777 and type in your country code and desired number. You’ll be charged your standard access rate and a starting cost of just 1p per minute. Again, it’s wise to check if your mobile or landline carrier covers you for 0843 calls.

Many people choose prepaid calling as it’s easier to manage your money, and your credit never expires. However, the direct access line takes you straight into the conversation without you needing to top up online.

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Cheap international calls over free international calls – why pay?

You may have already seen that Planet Telecom offers free international calls as well as cheap international call rates – why would you choose to pay when you can get calls for free? The answer is, your tariff may not allow you to save money through our free routing numbers.

Our free international call routing numbers have 0870 and 08450 prefixes. Unfortunately, not all mobile tariffs and landline packages cover calls to these numbers affordably. In some cases, they may not be included in your monthly minutes or may be premium rate throughout the day.

While you could change your tariff or landline package outright, many people may see this as a little awkward. We understand! That’s why Planet Telecom offers super low-cost international calls as a workable alternative.

If your mobile or landline isn’t covered for the 08s detailed above, you can still save tons of money by calling our 0161 access number. This is a local line, which means you’ll only pay for local access through your carrier and then for per-minute rates based on our competitive tariff.

You can access affordable calls if you want instant access through our 0843 number – a prefix that is often covered by several tariffs and packages.


Remember worrying about making international calls from your mobile instead of your landline, and the costs you might incur? With our cheap international calls service, you can dial from your mobile or landline, and it’s the same cost every time.

In a time where most people have mobile phones to hand, it makes sense that mobile users should receive the same cost benefits as landline callers! Just make sure you’re aware of the rates imposed by your carrier or network before you get started if you intend to use the 08 access service.

Business users get additional benefits in that they can even tie cheap international calls into VoIP packages. Why should you ever pay extra for the sake of calling abroad?

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Where can I call at a cheap rate?

Planet Telecom provides cheap international calling access to hundreds of countries. 35 of these, including USA, Germany, India, Ireland and Japan, cost just 2p per minute to call. You can call countries such as Egypt, Namibia and even the Faroe Islands for just 10p per minute or less, too!

Why choose Planet Telecom?

Planet Telecom is leading the way for cheaper, easier-to-manage international calls. We’re in a proud position to offer an access number that reduces costs that would otherwise escalate through a standard mobile or landline tariff.

We don’t expect you to sign up for any kind of plan or contract. We don’t hide any fees, and all you need to do is call the access number you desire to start saving money. We’re making international calling cheaper and easier for all.

Want to make a cheap overseas call from the UK? Take a look at the countries we cover and register now to top up your account. Or, why not call our direct access number? You’ll be connecting overseas in minutes.