Cheap International Calls: How Do They Work for Businesses?

19th October 2022

Even if you’re running a small business, you may find that you’re starting to grow an audience overseas. While the rise of the internet has meant we’re all finding it easier to connect to each other across the miles, there’s always going to be the need for international calling.

If you want to make cheap international calls from the UK but find your business tariff is really ramping up the costs, it’s time to look for an alternative. Why not use Planet Telecom’s low-cost international call access system to drive down overseas fees?

The basics for businesses

Even if you’re a small local business or an entrepreneur, there are ample opportunities to grow your enterprise with international customers. However, call costs from business mobiles and landlines can sometimes put people off from reaching out.

With a reduced call tariff to overseas territories, you can:

Build new overseas leads at a fraction of the initial cost
– Connect with international clients and businesses
– Save money on international bolt-ons
– Avoid tying your business into contract terms
– Keep in touch with your wider customer base without having to budget heavily

While you may do plenty of business through the web and data calling, many customers and clients may prefer to speak over traditional telephony, or may not have easy access to data. With cheap calls abroad, you can stay connected to your whole international base without risking a loss of revenue or business.

Call Answering Service

How do cheap international calls work?

Planet Telecom provides a switchboard service that effectively connects business owners and agents to overseas numbers at a sheer fraction of what you’d pay through your standard telephone tariff.

You can either choose to prepay before you make international calls, or call our direct access line to pay through your phone bill. Either way, your international calls head straight through our access line, meaning you’ll pay the low costs we set and an access fee to your provider.

We’ve set up our international call routing to support phone calls made to mobiles and landlines in hundreds of countries across the globe. No matter where you’re doing business, you can expect to pay a reduced cost from right here in the UK.

Prepaying simply means creating a Planet Telecom account for your business, logging in and topping up with at least £5 via PayPal. You can then call our 0161 access number, enter in who you want to call, and pay a per-minute rate based on our low cost tariff.

Or, you can call our direct access line, an 0843 number that simply routes your charges to your phone bill from 1p per minute. Always check that your business carrier and tariff cover you for calls to 0843s, or you may just end up paying more than you expect.

By routing business calls via Planet Telecom, you can legally bypass standard connectivity and therefore scale back costs on building leads and reaching out to clients as and when you need to.

Cheap international calls over free international calls – why pay?

While Planet Telecom also offers a free international call access line, you may not be able to use the service if you’re not covered for 0845 or 0870 numbers. These prefixed numbers can be chargeable across several landline and mobile packages.

Therefore, paying a reduced rate through our cheap international call access numbers may save you a lot of hassle. Our 01 access number is covered by mobile credit and across most landline packages, and even our 0843 direct access number may be covered by your tariff. In any case, it’s always best to check before you pick up the phone.


One of the best features of making a cheap overseas call from the UK with Planet Telecom is that you can call from a landline or mobile and still benefit. There’s no need for you to avoid picking up your mobile out of fear of additional costs.

We believe business owners should pay the same rates across landlines and mobiles, and that goes for destination lines, too. You have one single number to call to access our international switchboard, and you can enter in your desired overseas line to connect.

For extra international call savings, it’s also worth considering VoIP for your office. When you want to make data calls to clients and customers, and traditional telephony won’t cut it, a reliable VoIP setup will ensure you, your team and your public always stay connected.

Luckily, Planet Telecom is on hand to help your office set up and scale up with VoIP, too. Simply head over to our VoIP service and packages page to learn more.

Above all, when you make that cheap overseas call, you’ll want to know that no hidden fees or costs are going to emerge later on. By opening up our service to both landlines and mobiles, you can rest assured you’ll only ever pay your connection fee and the per-minute rate set through our tariff.

call centre agents

Why choose Planet Telecom?

Planet Telecom is committed to making internal call costs as low as possible for businesses of all sizes, as well as for entrepreneurs and sole traders. With our single point of access, you can open up a world of trade that would otherwise be restricted by exorbitant carrier costs.

Scaling up your business is easy with our communications plans. As well as saving money on calling internationally with our access lines, you can set up a smarter customer handling system through your own Planet Telecom dashboard. Manage business numbers, call features and more through one simple interface.

Above all, we’re leading the way for reducing costs across the board for international business calls – and we’re making it easier for you to connect overseas, too. There’s no need for a contract, any extra hardware, or even any technical knowledge.

Ready to get started? All you ever need to do is dial the access number you prefer – and start building those global leads your business really needs.