Can VoIP really transform your business?

28th February 2019

As the decades and even centuries have passed, telecoms revolutions have come and gone, each one leaving an appreciably altered corporate landscape in its wake. Back in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone – and another big upheaval, VoIP, is already with us.

Well, in a sense. While your own business might not have yet jumped to VoIP, changing circumstances could force your hand. How much could your firm benefit from taking up VoIP?

voip for business

There’s a looming deadline to watch out for

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and refers to a type of technology that can change how your business uses its phone system. With a VoIP phone system, you would have a wealth of online-enabled communications services – including voice messaging and call transfers – at your fingertips.

Furthermore, features of this ilk would come as standard with a VoIP system. If you have been dragging your heels with transitioning to VoIP, you might still be paying separate fees for different services. Still, that might not be the case for too much longer…

As BT warned a while ago, it will switch off its PTSN and ISDN networks by 2025. Therefore, if your current corporate phone system relies on any of these networks, you should migrate to an IP network. In this article, we will make a case forchoosing a VoIP system.

Trunks or the cloud? Two possible routes to VoIP take-up

No, we’re not referring to how you should prepare for a dip in an outdoor swimming pool. The trunks to which we refer here are SIP (session initiation protocol) trunks, which we can provide to let you connect your PBX (private branch exchange) to a public phone network.

Thisis a relatively tentative approach to implementing VoIP, as it would let you keep your existing PBX system and standard handsets. For your business, this arrangement could generate impressive financial savings; up to 90%, in fact. At Planet Telecom, we can provide SIP trunks for you.

However, if your business lacks the necessary on-site expertise for configuring and managing an on-site PBX, you might see more appeal in jumping to a cloud solution. With this form of VoIP, you can receive new VoIP handsets; we offer a choice of four models.

How much functionality could VoIP unleash for you?

No matter which provider is responsible for your firm’s current broadband internet, you can use our hosted VoIP service. Furthermore, as you do, you could gasp in awe at the rich amount of functionality unlocked as a result. For example, the system would permit you to keep your current numbers but also add new ones as your company needs them.

Even your team’s mobiles could be integrated into the office system, meaning that your workers can continue tapping into benefits of VoIP even on corporate trips away. Therefore, could VoIP transform your business? Feel free to phone us on 0800 088 6543 for further details.