Calling Overseas at Christmas? Save £££s With Planet Telecom

17th December 2020

Another year gone, and yep – what a year it’s been. 2020 will go down in history as the year we spent most of the time apart, but at the same time, plenty of us have still been lucky enough to come together and share time with one another through phone calls, video chatting and more. The fact is, we’ve been keeping apart for the sake of each other’s health – but when it comes to Christmas and New Year, socialising is going to be very difficult indeed.

That’s why, when Christmas rolls around, it’s going to be a great idea to keep in touch with family and friends to see out the year – even if you are all based on opposite ends of the planet! There’s no need to worry about the cost of calling overseas this year, either – as Planet Telecom is here to help make international calling that little bit cheaper.

Calling Overseas? Be Careful With Your Tariff

Before we share with you how we can help you to save those Christmas pennies on calling this year, let’s take a moment to advise caution. There are mobile phone tariffs, packages, and landline add-ons out there which will help you to make calls overseas, but there’s no guarantee that you will actually be saving money by doing so. In fact, in some cases, your phone carriers may still actually expect you to pay a premium.

Sadly, on the whole, overseas call charges don’t take a break just because it’s the festive season. There may be boosters and packages you can add to your line to help reduce the cost of calling abroad, but the fact is, it will still likely be more than enough to pay. If you or your relatives, or friends, don’t have access to video calling, then you may be dependent on calling each other via phone. Backwards and forwards, this could end up running up some serious bills all around.

cheap international calls

We really don’t think that high international call charges are particularly fair! It’s amazing to us that in this day and age there is still so much money expected from overseas calling. Surely, with the world shrinking and people getting closer together (while apart), it would make sense to make these costs lower! Well – that’s what Planet Telecom has just gone and done, meaning you won’t have to count the festive cost of calling this year.

How Can Planet Telecom Save You Money Calling Abroad?

Not only does Planet Telecom strive to save you money on calling abroad, but we also make a point of making foreign calling free, wherever possible. We can currently bring you free calls to over 100 different territories worldwide, as well as cheaper calling to many others. Therefore, there’s even less need for you to have to pay through the nose just for the sake of connecting over the ocean.

Planet Telecom offers an access number which you simply need to dial before calling the number you want to connect to. This is an 08 service number, which once you’ve connected to, you simply need to add in your international dialling code of choice, as well as the full number of the person at the other end of the line. It’s important to keep both pieces of information in mind.

We’ll then connect you to the person you’re looking to call overseas. There’s no need for registration and there’s no need for any contracts to sign. You can even call mobiles overseas, not just landlines – meaning there’s less need for you to get worried about dialling up an 07 number if it’s based abroad. We want to help make calling abroad this Christmas as cheap as possible for you, and if that means making calls to specific territories free through an access number, then you can be sure we will drive down those costs for you.

Check With Your Carrier

We do, however, want to make sure you keep track of 08 calling via your mobile or home phone carrier. While we do not charge for many calls to specific numbers through our access line, you may still incur fees if you are not covered for 08 calling via your package or top up.

Therefore, before you settle in for a long festive chat with friends far away, always make sure that your network or provider covers you for calls to any numbers in the UK with 08 prefixes. This way, you can feel free to keep calling via our access number for as long as you like.

Many mobile networks and home phone providers offer inclusive rates on 08 calls or will at the very least have a booster or two you can add on so that you can dial up to your heart’s content.

So – while it’s worth avoiding your network’s international call boosters if you really want to save some money, it’s just as well to get in touch with them to make sure you are covered for our 08 access line. Otherwise, you might still end up with a hefty bill to pay come 2021.

Call for Less This Christmas

Why pay more to keep in touch with loved ones far away this Christmas? It’s been a hard one – and there’s no better way for you to see this year out than with a good, long chat with the people you miss the most – especially if they are so far away.

With a bit of luck, we will all be back socialising safely again this time next year. In the meantime, save yourself some money as well as strife – let Planet Telecom take away the stress of extortionate international calling and help you keep in touch with people in all corners of the globe.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year – and you can bet we will be back saving you more money far into 2021 – let’s send 2020 packing in the best way possible!