Call Queuing

6th July 2012

There are several compelling reasons to establish a call queuing system with your business. First of all, you cannot always handle every call you receive right away, especially if your company has multiple clients or customers. By letting your customers know that you will be with them shortly, a call queuing service allows you to keep callers on the line. Such a courtesy also lets your customers know that their call is valuable to you. In this sense, having a call queuing system is far superior to simply letting overflow calls go to the engaged tone. When you have a call queuing system working for you, your customers are always interacting with your business whenever they call. This is the next best option to having an actual person answer every single call.

There are many reasons why Planet Telecom is the best company to go with when you want to establish a call queuing system for your business.

Easy to manage

With the Call Manager Suite, you can quickly and easily make changes to the settings of your Planet Telecom call queuing system. This is significant, since there are several options to choose in order to customize the call queuing message for your business. By customizing your message, you can ensure that customers are informed in the most polite manner possible that their call will be answered as soon as an operator becomes available. You can choose from one of the Planet Telecom pre-recorded messages, or you can record one yourself.

You can also choose what type of music plays during your call queuing message. The options include classical, dance, smooth, and seasonal. Of course, you can listen to all the options before making your choice.

Once you have the service in place it works automatically. This means that there is virtually no maintenance required from you as the business owner. If you want to pick the number of callers that can be held in queue at one time, you can do it with a simple mouse click on the Call Manager Suite. The ease of use of the software is impressive.

If the manageability of this service was not enough to entice you, there are also other reasons to go with Planet Telecom when you wish to set up call queuing.

The price is right

When you purchase a Planet Telecom phone number, the call queuing feature is free. As such, you do not have to establish a budget specifically for call queuing, and can instead use the money on other areas your business. You need to purchase a phone number for your business anyway, so why not improve your inbound call service while you’re at it? Whether it’s an 0845 number, an 0844 number or an 0800 number you want, you will get this valuable feature as a free add on.

For all the reasons above and more, Planet Telecom is the company to go with when you want to set up call queuing with your business. To get started, all you have to do is call us.