Call Queuing. Good for business?

11th September 2019

Most businesses thrive during holidays like Easter and Christmas. There is quite a bit of money to be made by the savvy business owner. However, many administrators dread the holiday period because the volume of calls tends to skyrocket.

Small businesses do not have the capacity to hire all the personnel they need to field phone calls from consumers during such busy seasons. So they fear unexpected spikes in the volume of incoming calls because they know that their chances of missing and dropping calls are quite high.

Any business that misses and drops calls during the most demanding seasons of the year risks attracting the anger of its customers, but this is why we offer call queuing in the first place.

We know that businesses need this tool to maintain control over incoming calls during peak periods.

What is Call Queuing?

A call queue is just like an ordinary queue except that it is virtual. When more customers than your personnel can handle your call business, they are placed in a virtual line to wait their turn until one of your next available employees is assigned to them.

Why Your Business Needs it?

Call queuing is primarily utilised by large businesses that receive large volumes of calls on a daily basis. But the feature is just as essential to small businesses that do not have the financial muscle required to hire customer support personnel in significant numbers.

With call queuing, small operations can accomplish the work of several employees with just a few workers. If you’re still on the fence about the necessity of call queuing, these are the benefits you can expect to receive from our feature:

  1. Queuing gives your callers choices. When a customer is placed in a call queue, they are told what to expect while they wait and how long they will wait. A professional firm won’t keep its customers waiting for more than a minute or two.

However, the queue feature also informs customers that they have the option of waiting, leaving a message or hanging up. This gives them the opportunity to decide whether they are willing to wait for one of your agents to pick up.

That, in turn, makes their experience more satisfying. They have the option of simply hanging up and waiting for you to call them back. This leads to fewer complaints.

  1. Call queuing actually cuts down on your volume of calls. It seems counter-intuitive but it is true. Given the choice of waiting, leaving a message, and simply hanging up, a larger number of customers than you think will simply leave a message.

Like everyone else, your customers do not like waiting. Once you give them the option of not having to wait, they will take it. This gives your agents a moment to breathe. They can take their time returning your clients’ phone calls.

  1. Call queuing won’t necessarily bring more clients to your door. But it will keep the clients you have happy, especially if you make an effort to call those that choose to hang up.

Call queuing tells your customers that you value their time but you are too preoccupied to take their calls, and yet you are doing everything in your power to clear your slate so that you can engage them.

They will appreciate your situation and the effort you are injecting into resolving their queries.

  1. Call queues actually eliminate the threat of missed calls. If a customer calls and no one is available to pick their call, they are automatically placed and held in the queue. So you don’t have to worry about missing calls that come in at inconvenient times.

The call queuing system we offer is designed to catch every single call that comes through. And unlike people, our systems are infallible. They won’t let any of your customers slip through the cracks.

And remember, we do not charge any fee for our Automated Call Queuing service at Planet Telecom. It’s completely free to use. To find out more, please complete the form on our page or call free on 0800 0886 886 and speak with one of our friendly team.