Make your business phone number work harder for you with Planet Numbers Inbound Call Services

27th July 2017

Are you getting the most out of your company’s phone number? If you purchase any of our virtual numbers (for example, 0800 Freephone) there’s a number of different additional services that are available to you. These allow for an increased level of personalisation for your business, increasing the perception of your business to your customers.

business phone numbers

Add call queuing to your number

Adding a queue to your number lets your customers know that they are in a queue as an alternative to continuous ringing. Some customers are likely to hang up if they only hear ringing for too long. A queue lets them know where they are and that their call will be answered as soon as possible. You can also add your own bespoke audio announcements!

Do you receive faxes but don’t want to use a fax machine?

Not all businesses own a fax machine these days – especially as now you can request that faxes are sent to your telephone number, which can then be delivered to your email address as a .PDF file, saving ink, paper and electricity too.

Do you receive a lot of voicemails?

Have your voicemails delivered to your email address, and keep better track of your voicemails and which one’s have been responded to. You can use a default voice message for your voicemail or upload a custom one of your own.

The above features are available for free to Planet Numbers customers!


Do you know the benefits of a call whisper?

You can add a whisper that plays to you just before the call connects. If you own more than one number with us that route to the same number, you add a whisper that lets you know which of the numbers they have called.

Do you have multiple locations or departments?

Then you could add a Simple Calling Menu (IVR) to your number. This would allow your customers to select options with their telephone keypad when they call your number (e.g. “press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, 3 for anything else”) – this increases the perception of the business, and allows your customers to call direct to the correct department from the one number rather than have to be forwarded there manually or remember multiple numbers.

If you have multiple branches, you can also route calls based on the callers location. For example, callers with a CLI starting 01202 are automatically directed to the Bournemouth branch, while callers with a CLI starting 02380 numbers can be sent to the Southampton branch.

Only open 9am-5pm on weekdays?

Why not add a call routing plan to your number. For example, you could set your office phones to ring one number for five seconds, then if unanswered, to another number during the day, but go direct to voicemail or to a mobile outside of office hours. There’s a wide range of calling features available with Planet Numbers, including setting up personalised audio for specific dates, or routing to a different number within date and time ranges – the level of customisation is up to you!

Want to record your calls for training or monitoring purposes?

Record your business phone calls and have them delivered to you by email in either MP3, WMA, or WAV format. This service incurs a 1p/min charge.

Block nuisance phone calls!

If you are being pestered by certain numbers we can block these from ever calling you again. Just let us know what those number(s) are and we will ensure they will not be able to call you anymore!

Any combination of the above features are available for an additional £5 a month.

Find out more by calling us free on 08000 886 886 to speak to one of our helpful team.