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28th May 2019

Getting the right phone number is a really important element in how your business appears to your customers and clients. If you’re looking to mainly operate locally, you might not want to advertise with an 0800 or an 03 number as non-geographic numbers conceal the fact that your business is local. It really depends on how you want your business to appear and how each number can benefit you. Here at Planet numbers, we have many different options available to suit your needs.

 Virtual local 01 & 02 numbers

With a virtual 01 or 02 number, you can choose exactly where your company appears to be geographically located. So you can look like a local business (even if you’re not) and potential customers will know that you’re serious about serving their local area.. For example, you could have a central London 020 number, even though you might not be based anywhere near London.

Free to call – 0800 numbers

The great thing about 0800 numbers is that they’re completely free for people to call. This sends a positive message to existing and potential customers as you’re actively encouraging their contact, making the customer more willing to call. Statistics show that 90% of people trust and recognise 0800 as a free to call number, and as a result of this you’ll see an increase in advertising response rates by as much as 185%!

0845 numbers

Every incoming call is free to receive for you, as customers pay a small cost per minute when they call you, which if you’re on a stretched budget, can be really beneficial.

One benefit of using an 0845 number is that it is non-geographic.  You don’t appear tied to a specific area, so you can advertise anywhere in the UK without customers realising they are dealing with a business that is perhaps at the other end of the country.   A lot of larger companies use 0845 numbers for this reason, so if you are a small or start up business and want to expand the reputation of your company, an 0845 can help your company look established.

0843/0844 numbers

0843 and 0844 numbers are revenue generating; you’ll receive a share of the revenue for all your incoming call traffic, which can help cover operating costs for your business.

0330, 0333 & 0345 numbers

03 numbers are essentially free to call for the majority of people as most have 03 numbers included in their monthly calling packages. In the rare instance that a customer’s inclusive minutes’ package doesn’t cover them, they’ll simply pay the same per minute rate as if they were calling an 01 & 02 number outside their package allowance.

At Planet Numbers, your incoming calls that route to a UK landline are completely free, so there’s nothing more than a small monthly fee to pay for unlimited minutes.

Again, these numbers are non-geographic, so by using an 03 number in your advertising, it will help with attracting enquiries from all from the UK as you can’t be judged on your business’ location.

Benefits of a virtual phone number

Relocation – If you are moving office temporarily or permanently, we can redirect your incoming phone calls to any new number instantly and completely free. No need to spend any extra money or time making changes to your website, advertising or vehicle livery.

Hide your location – With a virtual number your business can significantly enhance its image and how it’s perceived by the public, for example you could have an 0800 or 03 number and project the image of a well established, larger company operating all over the UK.

Our virtual numbers also come with many virtual switchboard features such as

Cloud based call recording – With our call recording service it helps business should they are ever involved in a customer dispute or they need to monitor employee performance. Once the call has finished, a recording will be sent your email as an MP3 file.

Call queuing – We all hate calling a company and getting an engaged tone but here at Planet Numbers your customers will hear a polite and friendly message letting them know that you will answer shortly, while they are in queue.

Virtual switchboard – Your customers will hear a prerecorded greeting, which will list a number of options such as “press 1 for sales”, “press 2 for accounts” where they will be able to select the correct department and be connected through to the appropriate representative.

Time / day routing plans – You can set up your number so calls are automatically redirected to a different destination number at specific times – for example every evening and/or at weekends to a mobile.

We offer are vast suite of other call handling features such as call tracking, mid call transfer, voicemail and live call answering. Click here to find out more

We offer a no obligation 30-day free trial with all virtual phone numbers. If you have any questions about our services or are interested in getting a virtual phone number for your business, then please give us a call, free on 08000 886 886.