How can your business benefit from international calls?

19th September 2017

The day-to-day running of any business can be a challenge. Motivating staff, completing orders, marketing new products and managing cash flow are all factors that you need to consider – and that’s without mentioning calling clients and business contacts. Below, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about international calls, and how they can benefit your business.

Open you up to new customers

One of the best things about international calls is that they can open your business to a whole new market – the rest of the world! Presumably, your business is UK-based and serves a UK audience, but have you considered just how much it could grow if you were able to enter new markets and promote the same products and services to a new audience? Indeed, as Brexit draws closer, it’s essential that you protect the future of your business and forge relationships with suppliers and stockists. Having access to an international client base can offer you exactly that.

Better communication

If you’re already working with manufacturers, suppliers or retailers from other countries, then the chances are that the majority of your communication is conducted through email or instant messenger. And, while both options are useful in their own circumstances, being able to make cheap international calls allows you to improve the relationship you have with such contacts – all without breaking the bank and investing in an expensive overseas call package. Plus, phone calls are known to improve relationships between business contacts, humanising relationships and putting a personal spin on usually business-heavy conversations and topics.

Advantages of VoIP Over PSTN

Improved customer service

Giving international customers an opportunity to call you in the UK can improve your customer service operations, ensuring that you’re satisfying all your clients and getting to the bottom of issues as soon as possible. Rather than offering a live chat facility or knowledge base, you can speak to customers individually and show them that you care. And, when it comes to offering pre-sales support, you can use your international calls to sell the benefits of your products and services and deliver an effective sales message. Such personalised selling cannot be replicated through emails or websites, so having access to international calls can offer wide-ranging benefits.

Professional image

An international phone line and free call-back service will improve the professionalism of your brand and, potentially, help you land more clients. Indeed, if you’re the only company in your industry that will call international clients for free, this could be used as a competitive advantage and allow you to score more contracts and keep customers on your side, so it pays to invest in international calls.

There you have it – four great ways international calls can benefit your small business. Here at Planet Telecom, we offer a range of cheap and free international calls options for you to consider, so get in touch with a member of the team today to get the ball rolling.