BT Under Scrutiny for Overcharging: Is Your Business Paying Too Much for Telecoms?

25th January 2021

Whether for business or for home use, we all depend on telecoms. For the most part, BT has the monopoly given their ownership of traditional British lines – however, recent news suggests they may be overcharging many of us for our calls and packages than we realise.

The news in question concerns the fact that BT’s approach to charges for landline-only services may be leaving the elderly, in particular, out of pocket. A case is brought by former OFCOM consultant Justin Le Patourel – who claims that while alternatives to BT’s landline-only services are available at a lower rate elsewhere, many elderly people are unaware of the fact.

It will remain to be seen really how this case will pan out. In an age where clarity and open competition are praised, it’s safe to say that many will be scrambling to look at their bills to see if they are getting charged more than they should. The British press believes that up to 2.3 million people may, should Le Patourel’s case succeed, be eligible for compensation of £500 each.

With this case in mind, can you be sure that your business is doing enough to cut down the costs of calling and receiving? If not, Planet Numbers is here to help.

Why a Free Telecoms Audit Can Help

Over the last few years, we have helped many businesses, small and large, find savings in their annual telecoms bills. The fact is many people are quick to sign up to commercial telephony packages without realising what they are actually paying for. This is through no fault of their own!

We’ve noticed that fine print and hidden fees can really drive up costs for businesses. That’s why Planet Numbers offers a free telecoms audit.

With your consent, we take a fine toothcomb through your corporate telecoms packages and setup. Are there any areas where you could actually be saving money? Are there features or functions which are going unused?

Our free audits will consider your outbound calls, your data, your switchboard add-ons and more besides. Regardless of what you do with your commercial telephony, there will be charges and fees that we can take a closer look at for you.

The Potential Savings

As this recent news story suggests, many of us – business owners included – may be spending more than we have to. If there is anything that any business owner is likely to want from year to year, it’s to save money.

You might already be paying hundreds more than you have to on your regular bills. As the Le Patourel case shows, it is easy enough for you to assume you’re on a great deal, only to find that you could actually be saving money with a few straightforward changes or swaps.

If you’re unsure quite where you could save money, it really doesn’t hurt to ask. Planet Numbers offers a discrete and professional auditing service. We will find out some quick facts from you, and with your permission, we’ll dig a little deeper. We’ll use our experience to find areas where you are paying more than you have to, where possible.

Of course, it is very important to keep an open mind. That’s one of the reasons why we offer our telecoms auditing services for free. There is never any guarantee that we will be able to unearth savings beneath the surface, but as they say, you never really know until you try.

There’s absolutely no risk and no fee to going ahead and asking for our support. The worst case is we find you’re on a fantastic deal – and in all honesty, that really isn’t the end of the world!

Take Control of Telecoms Fees

Now really is the time to check what you’re spending. Both the coronavirus and the unpeeling of Brexit are affecting companies financially – and none of us are really sure where things will come to a head.

Therefore, with BT already under potential threat of compensation demands, now really is the time to look at your own telecoms usage.

Get in touch with Planet Numbers today on 0800 088 6886, and let’s see if we can start bringing costs down for your business.