Big News for Broadband Deals!

14th March 2017

Openreach, or BT Openreach, is to become an entirely independent entity thanks to demands made by Ofcom.

Openreach is responsible for installing, maintaining and improving the UK’s broadband infrastructure including fibre connections, ducts and pipes, before selling connectivity to the likes of BT and Sky. Whilst in theory Openreach is currently independent, it is still a subsidiary of BT, meaning that true impartiality is currently unlikely.

Two years of negotiations

In an attempt to shake up the world of broadband, improve infrastructure, create healthy competition and ultimately drive down prices for consumers and after two years of negotiations, BT has finally agreed to Ofcom’s demands for Openreach to become entirely independent after the regulator threatened legal action against BT to separate themselves from Openreach.

Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone, all of which use Openreach’s network, have complained in the past of a poor service, extortionate charges and a lack of investment in the division – improvements in each of these areas for all Openreach’s customers will obviously have a positive implication for end users, hopefully leading to greater service, improved reliability and cheaper costs.

Complete impartiality?

As part of the new plans, Openreach will have its own board and make its own investment decisions, however, in a rather peculiar twist of fate, BT will continue to set the company’s overall budget.

The news is extremely exciting for everyone here at Planet Telecom, as it could lead to the same positive shake up for the broadband sector as we created back in 1999 for the international calls and business number sector. We’re proud of the incredible deals, amazing features and impeccable customer service that we provide for our customers on a daily basis.

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Happy calling, folks.