Big Businesses Use VoIP to Save Money – So Can You!

15th April 2020

Communication is evolving at a blistering pace.  Whether it’s B2B or B2C, it’s always important to have a clear, efficient connection to the people who matter.  When running a small business, you are of course going to need to keep in touch with customers on the front line as well as the clients on private numbers.  However, a major factor in communications for all businesses is – naturally – cost.

Thankfully, corporate communications are getting ever more affordable.  Traditional telephony, such as that which is provided through BT’s copper wires, can get infamously expensive.  Think about how much money you are already paying out for line rental, call charges and packages you might have in place.  Is there ever really a need for you to pay out for all of this?

VoIP, communication through data, is changing the way businesses connect to customers, clients, and even internal staff.  It might seem as though VoIP setups are exclusive to big businesses – but that’s really not the case.  In fact, there are plenty of great ways for smaller companies to save money regularly through VoIP.

Let’s take a look – and see if we can help you cut back on monthly outgoings.

Remove Line Costs

A huge drain for many businesses is, of course, the dreaded line rental charge.  The fact is, traditional copper lines cost a lot of money to keep up and maintain.  There’s a reason why BT, unfortunately, lets these charges trickle down.  However, as it appears that traditional telephony is likely to move out of the way altogether in just a few years, line rental could become a thing of the past.

With a simple SIP trunk, you could cut the amount of money you’re spending on line rental by a fair fraction.  Why not take a look at our packages and deals?  There are VoIP deals and services available which compete directly with copper line packages, and which are likely to save you money in the long term.

Eliminate Maintenance Costs

Managed VoIP services and phones operate through very simple connectivity.  Rather than relying on lines and physical systems which are subject to damage and wear and tear over the years, you will have access to communication in the cloud.  This means that there’s never any need for you to worry about paying out for line repairs, or for scalability.

A managed VoIP system that runs via cloud, off-site, is extremely scalable.  Instead of having to pay out for line extensions or edits to your existing telephony, you’ll be able to add and remove phones as and when you like.  It’s a great option for smaller companies who are looking to grow in the years to come.

The beauty of managed VoIP lies both in the maintenance-free operation as well as the growth potential.  Your business is looking to grow – why should your communications system be inflexible?

Customisable to Your Needs

When you set up a traditional telephony service with BT, you’re likely to need to play into a lot of rules and restrictions.  It might seem straightforward to set up comms via copper wire, but it’s actually very inflexible.  It’s a standard which is quickly growing outdated.  That, at least, is one reason why BT will be making big changes in the years to come.

Setting up a managed VoIP service through Planet Telecom means that you’ll have access to a service tailored purely to your needs.  As stated above, VoIP is ready to grow with you.  In a world where your customers and clients expect and demand you to be as flexible as possible, it makes little sense to have slow, cost-inefficient landlines in place.

Save Money with Reliable Technology

The reliability of VoIP is also likely to save you money.  Think of all the connectivity problems you face with traditional lines.  Customers who call you on poor quality connections, or who drop out regularly, are going to get frustrated. Clients, too, who want to initiate business with you, are likely to be put off by call drops and quality issues.  It’s amazingly off-putting.

What’s more, an unreliable landline service might also lose you crucial connections.  Not only are dysfunctional lines off-putting, there’s a risk that the next big call or client might not be able to reach you.  Are you really going to let those big projects pass you by?  It makes sense to be proactive and to ensure people can always reach you.

VoIP through Planet Telecom is reliable and steadfast.  There’s no reason to worry about calls dropping off, or about calls being too crackly or muffled.  You’ll never miss a beat of the conversations you have with clients.  Speedy connections and reliable lines will also ensure you get more interest from new customers, and that you can effectively stop revenue from leaking through disappointed patrons.

Is VoIP Ideal for Smaller Companies?

Yes!  In fact, it is a recommended choice in this day and age.  There is no point in hanging onto outdated connectivity for the sake of it, and especially not when your customers depend on modern technology.  With communication evolving all around us, there are fewer and fewer reasons for companies – especially the smallest – relying on inefficient, outdated means.  Even an excuse that it’s saving money makes no sense – as it’s actually going to work out more expensive for you to stick with the copper wire.

Therefore, why not consider VoIP?  The idea that it only works well for big businesses is a misnomer.  Your company could make huge strides in cost-saving and in customer satisfaction simply by making a swift, simple change to the way you communicate with them.

Consider setting up a managed VoIP service and package with Planet Telecom.  Take a look through our services and make sure to get in touch with our team for more details on bespoke packages and rates.  Switching from traditional telephony to data comms could be the smartest cost-saving move you make this year.