Are business phone lines necessary anymore?

5th July 2019

It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask. Just walking through any town or city centre during business hours proves that hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people nationwide are at work – even when they’re not at work. We’re working from cafes, coffee shops, on buses and trains, from home offices and studies and even when strolling from one remote location to the next – and the stats are there to prove it.voip phone system

According to, it’s likely that half of the UK workforce will be working remotely, at least partially, in 2020. Obviously, this means laptops, tablets and smartphones will be making up at least 50% of the devices we use for the day-to-day running of our workplaces.

Another statistic that, at least at first, appears to lay waste to the necessity of a dedicated business phone line is the number of people who actually prefer not to use the phone at all. Research mentioned by Bluesource found that just shy of three-quarters of adults – 74% – prefer to use email as their primary method of business communications.

So, as we said right up top – questioning whether a business phone line is even necessary anymore is a perfectly reasonable question to ask. However, did you know that you can still work remotely, operate while on the move and even conduct allof your electronic business communications through one phone line? Here’s why we believe that a business phone line is still essential…

Consolidation of all communications

By switching from standard to VoIP business phone lines, every member of your business can integrate their mobile phones and tablets and use their laptops to make phone calls, both internally and externally, through the same phone line. In effect, you don’t have to change the way you work, and nor does anybody else you work with – all you change is the line you use to make and receive calls.

At no point do you need to be physically connected to the phone line, as VoIP technology can operate completely in the cloud. Logging into the system is as simple as logging into any other website, so all you’ll need is a username, a login or password, and a compatible device (such as any modern smartphone, tablet or laptop).

Also, unlike with conventional landlines, should you take on a few extra staff, you won’t need to go through any complicated setup in the office or install any new lines. Again, all you’ll need is to connect the devices they’ll use and set those devices up through the online portal. Then, the new employees will have everything they need to connect to you, your team and your customers.

With VoIP business phone lines, the only extra hardware you may need is a set of compatible deskphones which plug straight into the Ethernet ports of your broadband connection.

Finally, another incentive for you and your business is the cost of switching to VoIP. By taking up a single, cloud-based line, you can instantly reduce the number of phone bills you use for work, while the cost of each call is also likely to significantly reduce. With a potential saving of up to 90% on your business calls, why wait any longer to make the switch? Call Planet Telecom today on 08000 886 886 to get started.