7 Things to Know About Call Tracking Services

3rd February 2017

A great marketing campaign is essential for generating sales and expanding your customer base. But how do you know if the platforms you’re using are working? Traffic to your website can easily be measured, but how about newspaper or radio campaigns? Call tracking is a great tool to provide comprehensive marketing and sales analytics across all mediums.

Here are seven things you need to know about a call tracking service:

1. It could increase your Return On Investment

Calculating the Return on Investment of your marketing activities tells you what’s working and what isn’t. This is essential, as it influences how you allocate your marketing budget. Using a call tracking service, you can find out the number of leads from each marketing activity and discover which are producing the most profit. A study from Marketing Sherpa shows how tracked advertising cut a company’s spending by 60% without affecting sales.

2. It will increase sales

Acting on the feedback from the call tracking, campaigns can be focused to the right audience to maximise the number of sales. One study from MarketingLand.com shows that a phone call is worth 5 – 10 times more in revenue than a web-based form. That’s why it is essential to use call tracking to increase your sales.

3. It will monitor employees’ performances

Call tracking will enable you to find out which team members are converting the most leads and providing the best customer support. This can identify training needs, strengths and weaknesses and potentially identify employees suitable for promotion.

4. It will determine the most popular time of day for traffic

You can analyse your call tracking to determine the time of day you receive the greatest volume of calls. For example, you might receive a body of calls during the commute home from people hearing a radio ad. From that, you will be able to set working hours for your employees and maximise the impact of your marketing and sales teams.

5. It can inform operational decisions

The data from your call tracking system can be analysed to inform business-wide decisions that enhance the impact of marketing campaigns. A study from CSO Insights states that ‘41% of firms report they need improvement in providing timely/accurate metrics to their sales managers.’ Call tracking could provide those metrics.

6. It’s a great training tool

Recording incoming calls as part of the call tracking service is an excellent way to analyse customer engagement. It is also a valuable tool for informing and developing key customer service skills amongst staff.

7. It is easy and affordable

No longer do call tracking services have a lengthy setup process and tapes that need to be changed every five minutes. For as little as £35 per month, you can get a comprehensive, quality, call tracking service set up in a matter of minutes.

Buying a call tracking service could give you all of these valuable benefits at the touch of a button. If you’d like to find out more about how such service could benefit your organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Planet Numbers team.