5 Ways to Increase the Exposure of your Business

18th October 2017

Do you want to find more customers? Is your business struggling to compete against online rivals and discounters? It can often feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle when you spend money advertising your business. Whether you post an advert in the local newspaper or you use Google AdWords, it can be tough to generate a return on your investment and make advertising worthwhile when other businesses have fine-tuned their techniques.

But there are ways to increase the exposure of your business and stand out. Here are five…

1. Write a press release

5 Ways to Increase the Exposure of your Business

Have you launched a new product or service or won an award? The world wants to hear about it! Write a press release, or reach out to a PR agency, and spread your good news to journalists, bloggers and influencers. Not only will you be able to increase the exposure of your brand, but you may be able to secure backlinks, which will help you rank on Google.

2. Make it memorable

If you make your brand as memorable as possible, people will be more likely to remember you when they want to speak to somebody about a product or service. In fact, some brands centre their marketing efforts around their contact details, like telephone numbers. If you want to do something similar, then you can buy 0800 numbers from our website. These numbers are instantly recognisable as a Freephone line, memorable and increase brand recognition.

3. Run a competition

Consider running a competition on social media if you want to show off your new products and services. Giveaways on Facebook can attract a lot of attention, with people willing to share and like brand pages in exchange for the chance to win a freebie. Be sure to target the right audience, offer a desirable product and consider boosting your post to increase your chances of your post going viral.

4. Hold an event

Want to get to know your customers and business owners in your area? Hold a networking event in your business premises, inviting customers, potential clients and locals, and give a short presentation about your products. Keep the evening light, focus on networking and building relationships, and then use your new contacts to sell your products afterwards.

You don’t need to be an event management expert to hold a successful event. Just choose a date, invite your contacts and buy some drinks and snacks to keep everyone entertained.

5. Launch a new website

If you have an old and outdated website that doesn’t work on smartphones, then potential customers may choose to look elsewhere. Refresh your brand with a brand new site and promote it using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, and you’ll increase the exposure of your business.

Do you need assistance setting up an 0800 line, or want to find out about our memorable numbers? Don’t hesitate to get in touch on our own 0800 helpline on 0800 088 6050.