5 Ways That Memorable Numbers Can Help Your Business

27th February 2017

Memorable phone numbers can help your business in a number of ways, from building your brand’s presence to encouraging new customers to get in touch or existing customers to call again. Choose the right number for your business, and you’ll help build trust, encourage customer engagement and help set the seeds for business development.

Ultimately, make your business telephone number memorable and easy to call; and customers will get in touch.

1. Persuade new customers to get in touch

A memorable number is a number that easily springs to mind when you’re searching for a service. Choose a memorable number for your business, and you’ll encourage new customers to get in touch – helping you to develop your customer base and grow your business too.

2. Encourage repeat custom

Provide your business with a memorable phone number, and you’re more likely to encourage repeat customAn easy-to-remember number is a number that your customers will call, again and again, helping you to build customer retention and loyalty.

3. Choose a local persona

01 and 02 numbers are well-known for being geographic numbers relating to specific parts of the UK. Not only are they in a familiar format that is easy to remember, but choose an 01 or 02 number for your business, and your customers will be assured that yours is a local business, serving their community, that they can trust.

4. Build trust

Offer a free phone service for your UK customers by choosing an 0800 or 0808 phone number. As Which?  recognizes, these numbers are well-known for being free to call from UK landline and mobile phones.  In fact, 90% of people recognize 0800 numbers as free to call. Your customers will feel confident that they won’t face any hidden charges when contacting you. Your business will be seen as one they can trust. 0800 or 0808 phone numbers have been proven to encourage customers to get in touch.

Want to offer your overseas customers local or toll-free calls? Well, you can with an International Toll-Free or Virtual City Number, a service that enables you to advertise a toll-free number in over 120 countries worldwide.

5. Harness the power of letters

Remembering a name is easier for customers than remembering a string of numbers, so consider using an Alphadial number for your business. Help your customers by choosing an Alphadial number, which incorporates the letters from a telephone keypad, so they can just type out your brand name on their phone keyboard.  It really is as easy as ‘A B C’.

Alphadial numbers provide instant company and product recognition – there’s no room for confusion with your competitors.  They ensure your business phone number is easily recalled and what’s more they’ve been a proven success in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

To create a memorable phone number for your business and encourage customers to get in touch, contact Planet Telecom today, call 0800 088 6886. We’ll help put your business on the map.