5 sectors that would benefit from a telephone answering service

21st February 2019

Have you ever attempted to call a business at what you deemed a perfectly sensible time, only for frustration to set in when voicemail audibly kicked in? In that case, you could easily sympathise with any of your customers who run up against the same brick wall when trying to contact your firm.

When your own staff aren’t always available to take calls, a telephone answering service can still pick up the slack. Here are examples of sectors which can especially effectively tap into the benefits.call answering service


This industry comprises two particularly strong pillars: bricks-and-mortar and online. All the same, though, you could be surprised to learn that, according to Small Business Trends, 75% of customers believe that calling a company can trigger the quickest response to placing an order.

Hence, many of the industry’s sales will likely continue to take effect over the phone – and, with our telephone answering service, you can outsource the sales processing to our friendly UK operators.


Given how much IT companies and departments probably already routinely spend on new technology and equipment, they could understandably appreciate reducing these costs when they can. Fortunately, that’s possible when they implement a telephone answering service.

Such a service from Planet Numbers can spare businesses having to shell out for new phone systems. Our operators can even pass on messages that were meant for the IT company’s own team; those messages can be sent by email or SMS text message.


Why do people usually call your healthcare organisation? It’s probably to book an appointment – in which case, you want them to be capable of doing exactly that without too much fuss.

However, if an appointment booking is heading your way just when it can’t be processed, such as when the hands of your staff are already full, our operators can do the scheduling for you. Upon taking the call, they can introduce themselves in a way that accurately represents your organisation.


The finance sector could well become engulfed by the artificial intelligence revolution; computers are now capable of spotting patterns and trading faster than human analysts. Digital Trendscites estimates hinting that AI could swallow up roughly 30% of banking sector jobs in the next decade.

However, “relationship banking” – aimed at fostering customer loyalty and personalised service – will continue growing in importance, and that’s where a telephone answering service can help. Our operators can, on a financial firm’s behalf, answer calls between 8:30am and 6pm on weekdays.


This is a sector where phone exchanges with customers – current or potential – are often delivered following a script. However, whereas telemarketers might often – and obviously- make the initial call, the customer might call back if they are interested in the advertised product or service.

That’s when a telephone answering service can really come into its own. Call us on 0345 077 7777 to learn more about how our own service can especially help with telemarketing endeavours.