5 Noteworthy Reasons Your Business Should Record Its Phone Calls

28th November 2018

Nowadays it’s become even more important for every business to have a call recording service in place. Recording every telephone conversation between the business and its clients assists with customer disputes and also monitors employee performance.

How call recording worksphone call recording service

  1. Your customer dials your business phone number.
  2. Upon connection, the customer is played a very short message that usually says “Please be advised that calls to this number may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes”.
  3. You pick up the call and carry on your phone conversation as usual.
  4. The full phone call is recorded at switch level and there is no limit to how long the calls can be.
  5. Once the call is finished, an MP3 file of the complete call is then automatically sent to you by email together with the caller’s number and the time and date. You can change the email address the recordings are being sent to to as often as you like.

Benefits of a call recording service

  1. Coach your team effectively

By recording your company’s phone calls, you can review them with your team to see how well they are speaking to customers. This way managers can improve team’s communication skills and provide tips on how to offer better customer service, support and sales.

You can also analyse recordings of old and new phone calls, so you’ll be able to easily compare your team’s progress to see how their  skills are evolving.

  1. Bring new staff up to speed

It’s can be difficult training new staff to handle customer calls, as they won’t normally be totally familiar with the business’s products and services. Call recording can really help this issue, as during training, you can listen to past recordings of good and bad calls and see how best to handle these calls. You can also identify customer needs and frequently asked questions, so you can be well prepared.

  1. Resolve customer service disputes

It’s can often be demanding when dealing with an unhappy customer. Perhaps they want to take legal action?  Lawsuits and lawyers always involve a lot of money and time to a business. With a call recording service, it can help resolve disputes or defend against litigation from unhappy customers. In some instances, recorded calls can serve as a verbal contract and sort things out before needing to pay thousands for a lawyer.

  1. Capture details you might have missed

When talking to customers over the phone, you need to actively listen but if you’re taking notes to keep track of details, you might not be actively listening. A major benefit of call recording is that you can give your full attention to the call and then take your notes by playing back the recording.

Even if it’s difficult to understand your customer because they are in a noisy environment or speak with a heavy accent, you can simply play the recording as many times as you’d like so you never miss out on an important bit of detail.

  1. Ensures compliance with the DPA

Abiding by the Data Protection Act (DPA) is probably the most important rule of customer service. It’s always important that the customer knows that their data is protected. Call recording prevents employees using customer’s sensitive information illegally because it leaves no paper trail that could lead to an non-compliance issue.

Overall a call recording service serves a huge importance in a business as by being able to playback telephone recordings that the business can use for training, feedback and dispute purposes. You can capture important details that may have missed during the call and it’s a way of backing up what was said to whom.

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