4 Stellar Reasons A London Phone Number Will Benefit Your Business 

5th January 2018

Want your business to have a central London location?  You can certainly make it look like it does.  By choosing a virtual 0207 number from Planet Telecom, you can operate your company from anywhere, yet appear to be based bang in the center of London.

  1. The best of the best are based in the capitalvoip London

London is the biggest hub for business in the UK – for both established and startups alike – look like you’re a part of this professional crowd, simply by using a Virtual 0207 London number in your advertising and promotions.

  1. Enable Remote working

Virtual numbers allow you to work anywhere you choose, provides huge cost savings and geographic flexibility.  Perfect if you wish to relocate, and keep your existing phone number.  Plus, theres no wasted advertising, or costly vehicle livery changes.

  1. Look like a bigger business

Employing a memorable 0207 number can make your business look bigger and better.  If you advertise a mobile number for customers to call, you’ll look like a one man band.  If you advertise a memorable 0207 number, you look like an established big London business.

  1. Track your advertising response rates

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

Don’t let this be you.  Use a unique 0207 number in each of the different forms of marketing your business uses and accurately track response rates by analysing call data records. Instantly highlight the channels that work most effectively for your business (and also those that don’t!). Reduce unnessarsary spend on unprofitable advertising.

We’ve just secured a new range of available 0207 numbers and the best numbers are selling fast!

Here’s a small sample of our current stock:

020 7047 4747     020 7047 4849      020 7047 2000     020 7047 7777

To secure your business one of the best 0207 numbers available, call Planet Telecom free on 08000 886 886 or click here to read more about our 0207 numbers and order online.

Prefer an 0208 number?  We have an incredible number for sale: 020 8000 9000.  Call us to find out more, or click here to find out more about our 0208 numbers

Looking for a virtual number for a different town or city?  We provide virtual phone numbers for 350 UK towns and cities.  Search for your perfect number here.