4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Memorable Phone Number

29th November 2018

A memorable phone number is so important for a business to help them be recognisable. The right memorable business number can help you stand out from the competition, increase your enquiries, give national appear and even help you break into local markets.

memorable phone numbers

What are the benefits of having a memorable number?

  1. A memorable phone number is just that – totally memorable – if more people can remember your phone number you are bound to do more business!
  2. Your advertising continues to work long after the campaign has finished.  Who still remembers the insurance advert featuring the owl and 0800 28 28 20?!
  3. The number will never change – make dialling codes and number changes a thing of the past.  Plus If you’re relocating, you can take the number with you, anywhere!  This means no more stationary reprints, no vehicle livery changes and no lost business!
  4. It’s a virtual number that sits on top of your current telephone number and does not replace it. Your existing line will continue to receive calls on its original number, as well as the incoming virtual number calls and can be used to make outgoing calls as normal.

Different prefixes and their benefits:

Local virtual numbers (01 & 02 numbers)

With virtual 01 and 02 numbers, you can choose where your company appears to be located. So you’ll look like a local business, customers will think you’re serious about serving their local area, rather than a national business.

Furthermore, with a local phone number, your customers can bypass any perceived increased cost they may associate with making long distance phone calls.

0800 numbers

 It’s completely free for people to call an 0800 number. This sends a very positive signal to your customers about the value you place on communicating with your customers. This makes the customer more willing to call you as statistics show that 90% of people trust and recognise 0800 as a free to call number.

Another great benefit about 0800 numbers is that you will see an increase in response rates by as much as 185% due to the fact that it is free to call and customers recognise that.

0845 numbers

Every incoming call is free to receive as customers pay a small fee to call you which can help if your business is on a tight budget.

A lot of larger companies use 0845 numbers; therefore, it will make your company look larger which is great if you are a small company or start up and want to expand the reputation of your company. With an 0845 number, you’re not tied to a specific area so you can get calls from all over the UK.

0843 / 0844 numbers

These numbers are revenue generating numbers, so you will receive a rebate for all your incoming call traffic. This means that your company generates a revenue share which can help cover operating costs for your business.

0330, 0333 and 0345 numbers

Free to dial for the majority of people if they have 03 numbers included in their calling package. In the rare instance that a customer’s inclusive minutes’ package doesn’t cover them, they’ll simply pay the same per minute rate as if they were calling an 01 & 02 number outside their package allowance.

When you order an 03 number from Planet Telecom, your incoming calls (when connected to a landline) are completely free. So if a customer is calling your number and it’s being routed to a landline, then you don’t have to pay anything and you get unlimited minutes!

You’ll attract enquiries to your business from all over the UK when you advertise with an 03 number, as you can’t be judged on your business’ location.

Memorable numbers are so important because of how crucial marketing is for every business to survive. If you want to increase sales and have an advantage over your competition, a memorable number can make the difference. It might sound crazy, but it’s true! You want potential customers to associate your business with your phone number – its proven this will increase your sales.

These prefixes are all virtual numbers, so you can move anywhere in the UK and the memorable number will not be affected. Your incoming calls can be directed to any phone, and changed as often as you like – for free.  You don’t need to spend any extra time or money making changes to your website or changing your marketing campaigns.

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