4 of The Best Places to Market Your Business Phone Number

30th July 2019

You won’t find that many people attending workshops and conferences with the intention of handing out business cards. And if they do, do not expect them to gain much traction.

So much of the marketing game has migrated to the internet. Some of the people who seek us out understand this quite clearly. Unfortunately, the majority are haven’t figured this out yet.

They are always so eager to secure their business phone numbers. But they do not realize that business phone numbers cannot deliver the benefits you desire unless you make an effort to market them.

The fact that so much of marketing has migrated to the internet is actually a good thing because the platform truly simplifies everything. If you’re tired of attending networking events because they have failed to bear the fruit you desire and you need to find a way to get business phone number into the hands of the people that matter, consider the following avenues:business phone numbers

Your Social Media

This is obvious. Everyone needs a social media presence, even your business. Yes, a lot of people visit Facebook for frivolous purposes.

But an even bigger number uses the platform to investigate the companies with whom they might want to do business typically with the intention of reading reviews and perhaps even interacting with your previous customers.

Determine your target audience, figure out the social media platform they visit and create an account. This should also be obvious but it bears mentioning: don’t forget to feature your business phone number on your social media pages.

If people like what they say, they won’t hesitate to use it to contact you. It will also give you peace of mind to know that your business contacts are floating about on social media, waiting for a curious eye to stumble upon them.

The Official Website

A website should be your first order of business. A surprising number of firms have chosen to abandon official websites altogether, choosing instead to promote their social media accounts.

And if you cannot afford to create a professional website, a social media platform is the next best thing. However, for a lot of consumers, your social media page is merely the gateway they use to access your official website.

So if you have the means, invest in both a social media account and an official website. And make your business phone number as visible as possible. Place it on every page, preferably near the top. Include some content encouraging visitors to use the number.

The Directory

You probably think business directories and classifieds died when the internet was born but you’re wrong. Directories also migrated to the internet.

Today, the easiest way to find any business in any industry is to visit an online directory. For that reason, you are encouraged to engage these directories. Create a profile and use it to share your business contacts.

Pay the upfront fee if required and appreciate the traffic the directory will drive your way in the long run.

Google by Business Listings

If you have an online presence of any sort, then anyone who wishes to find you can simply Google you. However, that doesn’t give you permission to sit back and relax as you wait for potential clients to stumble upon your company.

Google My Business’ is an online tool that allows you to control the way your business appears to people who search for it. You can manipulate variables such as your company name, location, phone number, web address and opening hours

You can even include photos and reviews. Whenever people search for products like yours in their area, the only way you can hope to appear in a favourable position in the search results is to make sure your business has a ‘Google My Business’ Listing.

Only then can you hope to get your business phone number out to the masses.

There is so much that we can do for you. But we can’t do everything. You have to play a proactive role in the marketing of your business phone number. Only then will you reap the benefits.

At Planet Telecom, we offer the best in business phone numbers. Simply call us free on 0800 0886 886 to get one and showcase it to your customers.