3 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Choose a VoIP Phone System

16th November 2020

When running your own business, it’s a pretty safe assumption that you’re going to want to get ahead of the pack as much as you possibly can. Did you know that it’s not all about the quality of your products, or about the prices you set? It’s also about making sure that you offer the best in customer service and care, too. This, believe it or not, can even come down to the quality of your telephone and communications systems!

VoIP is very quickly becoming the leading standard for corporate and commercial telephony and communications in the UK. This means that whether you’re keeping in touch with customers, clients, or need to make sure that your team is well-connected from day to day, you may well find that VoIP is a lucrative choice.

But why is NOW the time to invest in a VoIP phone system? What’s wrong with good old landlines and copper wires? Let’s take a look at why investing in this technology sooner rather than later might just be your best option.

BT is Phasing Out Old Technology

The time really has come for PSTN, or traditional telephony, to say goodbye. Yes – classic phone systems and cabling may have served us well over the years, but the fact is, there’s a need for a faster, more reliable communications standard. Thanks to the age of the internet, that’s quickly becoming VoIP.

BT is even set to retire their traditional landlines and technology by the middle of the decade. If that’s not a clear sign that it’s time to start upgrading your company to the next level, we’re not sure what is.

Yes, it may be a few years away until BT gets rid of PSTN standards for good, but the fact is, if you don’t act now, you might risk yourself drifting further and further behind the competition. Even smaller businesses and offices are switching to VoIP, and for more than a few good reasons! Can you really afford to risk falling behind technology – and therefore the times?

Remote Working is On the Rise

2020 has presented us with plenty of drama and many big changes. However, there has also been plenty of positive change, too. For example, pandemic circumstances showed business owners how easy it is to set up remote working conditions. Remote and home working is very quickly becoming the norm, and again, this is also the case even for smaller companies and services. Therefore, shouldn’t it be worth trying to facilitate this as much as possible through your own enterprise?

Of course – but how? VoIP, naturally, has the answer. VoIP doesn’t just give you access to telephony in the office. It allows multiple agents and users to connect to a cloud-based communications platform, meaning that you will be able to connect to the same office-grade connectivity, only on the move.

VoIP is the only real cost-effective way to manage home and remote working. Rather than having to shell out for expensive handsets and mobile phone contracts, you can set up VoIP at HQ and then split your services far and wide. It’s a great way to make sure that your agents are all keeping connected to customers, clients, and other team members without the need for hassle or needless expense.

But why invest in this service right now? Home working, as mentioned, has really taken an upturn in the past year. This is thanks to the fact that more and more of us are having to work from home by measure of safety. This has led to many business owners and agents realising that there is actually plenty of flexibility and cost savings in going remote – so this is a trend which is only going to continue for the years to come!

VoIP Has Never Been Cheaper or Easier to Set Up

VoIP’s emergence in the commercial world has been a long time coming, though at the start, it wasn’t necessarily as affordable, or as accessible. Therefore, we’re pleased to be able to offer clear, quick communications standards at a rate that most businesses are now able to comfortably afford. We offer flexible packages as well as dynamic cloud hosting, meaning that getting connected is a doddle, too. There’s no more having to fiddle around with physical wires or cables to make sure that you keep a stable connection.

What’s more, there’s no longer a threat of a bit of lousy weather doing damage to your connection. One of the biggest let-downs with PSTN is, of course, that a stray bit of wind or rain could be enough to throw your customers’ calls for six. This, naturally, is going to put a few people off calling you altogether.

The best reason to get VoIP set up and running right now is for the fact that it is so easy and so affordable to get going. VoIP is no longer a luxury service that only the bigger companies and offices are able to take advantage of. Ultimately, we’re here to provide VoIP services and hardware to companies who are only just getting started when it comes to growth and lead generation.

VoIP is likely to get more and more popular as the years go by, and that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be privy to the best deals, or lower prices. It’s worth getting involved now while rates are low, and while accessibility is high.

Set Up VoIP Now

Are you interested in getting VoIP up and running for your business? It may well be worth getting set up sooner rather than later. Call Planet Telecom now to set up a free consultation, but before any of that, take a closer look at our packages and rates to see how much time, money and hassle you could be saving your agents and customers in the long run.

Now is the time to move to VoIP – and Planet Telecom is here to help make that transition as affordable and as reliable as possible.