3 Important Call Handling Services Your Business Needs

29th November 2019

According to a recent survey, one-third of respondents claimed that the most frustrating part of dealing with call centres is the automated call system. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to deal with a machine when you need someone to answer your questions.

Thanks to Call Handling services, gone are the days where you lose customers because they have to talk to an automatic recording, dealing with multiple selections before they even get a chance to ask a question.

You can now trust a professional to deal with those angry customers and ensure they will be happier by the end of the call, as well as call recording, routing, queueing and more.

So what exactly do Call Handling services provide, and how can it benefit your business?

Keep on reading to learn three incredible business-boosting perks that call handling services can do for you.

1. PCI Compliant Call Recording

For quality control, it has become essential for most businesses to record every telephone conversation with their clients. This will help you deal with customer service disputes, as well as ensuring your representatives are giving the most quality of service.

The best part is that it works so easily:

1. The customer dials your Planet Telecom phone number

2. A short recorded message will notify the customer that the call is being recorded for quality control.

3. You or your representative will pick up the call and continue the conversation.

4. The entire conversation will be sent to your email inbox as an MP3 file for you to listen to at your convenience.

According to a survey, poor customer service is costing UK companies more than £234 per year. Using this service will ensure you are offering the highest quality of customer service.

2. Free Call Queueing

We all know those frustrations when we have to queue on the phone for a long time, without even knowing when it’s our turn. Thankfully, with every Planet number’s business number there is an automated call queuing system.

When your customers call your number they will receive a friendly short message notifying them that there is a queue. In addition, they will also be told where in the queue they are, and how many minutes approximately that they will be waiting. You can also select the music they will be listening to while they are on hold.

To learn more, check out our call queueing services.

3. Call Routing Plans

With every Planet number, you can have a routing plan so you no longer need to be by your phone 24/7.

Included are perks such as:

  • Simultaneous multiple targets: having all phones ring at once, no matter their location.
  • Percentage Distribution: you can connect a percentage of your calls to different targets, such as 20% to line 1, 40% to line 2, and 40% to line 3.
  • Multiple Targets: if one line is busy, it will forward to the next available line.
  • Time of day Routing: forward your calls to your mobile phone if it is outside your business hours.

Learn More About the Benefits of Call Handling Services

The perks of using a call handling service are endless, there is nothing better than ensuring your customers are happy, and your business has room to expand and grow.

To learn more, please feel free to contact us anytime.