Hungarian Toll Free and Virtual Phone Numbers

Offer your customers in Hungary a toll-free phone call to your business.

Available Countries

When the caller in Hungary dials your Planet Telecom toll free number her call is automatically (and instantly) redirected to whichever UK phone number you’ve chosen.

And you can change this “destination” number as often as you want, for free. So even if you move office or you simply want the calls redirected to another phone for a short period, your Hungarian toll free number stays the same.

Hungarian Virtual Phone Numbers

Instead of offering a local freefone number, you can now offer a genuine Hungarian local phone number for your Hungarian customers to call. They just pay their normal call rate to call it and you pay a small per minute charge to receive the call.

As with Toll Free numbers, you can choose any UK number to redirect the calls to, and change it as often as you like for free via your online Planet Telecom portal.

No extra lines to rent or equipment to buy

Rest assured that when you buy a Planet Telecom Toll Free or Virtual Phone number, there’s absolutely no requirement for extra phone lines or extra equipment whatsoever. We simply divert the incoming calls to an existing number of your choice. Your phone will continue to receive calls on its original number as usual as well as the incoming Hungarian toll free calls, and can be used to make outgoing calls as normal.

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What our Hungarian numbers will cost you

Toll Free Numbers

One-off Connection Fee £14.99
Monthly Service Charge £29.99
Incoming Call Cost 7p per minute at all times
(when routed to a UK landline)
10p per minute at all times
(when routed to a UK mobile)
Mobile Access Surcharge 30p per minute

Virtual Phone Numbers

One-off Connection Fee £14.99
Monthly Service Charge £14.99
Incoming Call Cost 5p per minute at all times
(when routed to a UK landline)
8p per minute at all times
(when routed to a UK mobile)

There may be an additional cost for calls from mobiles to Toll-Free numbers. Please contact us if you would like to open mobile access on your Toll-Free number.
Remember: you can change the destination number as often as you like – free, via the online Planet Numbers Control Panel.

For further information or to place an order over the phone, please call us free on 08000 886 886.

Choose a virtual phone number for these towns and cities:


Baja 79

Balassagyarmat 35

Bekescsaba 66

Berettyoujfalu 54

Biatorbagy 23

Budapest 1


Cegled 53


Debrecen 52

Dunaujvaros 25


Eger 36

Esztergom 33


Godolloo 28

Gyongyos 37

Gyor 96


Jaszbereny 57


Kaposvar 82

Karcag 59

Kecskemet 76

Keszthely 83

Kiskooros 78

Kiskunhalas 77

Kisvarda 45


Marcali 85

Mateszalka 44

Mezookovesd 49

Miskolc 46

Mohacs 69

Monor 29


Nagykanizsa 93

Nyiregyhaza 42


Oroshaza 68

Ozd 48


Paks 75

Papa 89

Pecs 72


Salgotarjan 32

Sarvar 95

Siofok 84

Sopron 99

Szeged 62

Szekesfehervar 22

Szekszard 74

Szentendre 26

Szentes 63

Szerencs 47

Szigetszentmiklos 24

Szigetvar 73

Szolnok 56

Szombathely 94


Tapolca 87

Tatabanya 34


Vac 27

Veszprem 88


Zalaegerszeg 92

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I have found dealing with Planet Telecom very easy going and helpful, they provide an excellent and efficient service and with a wealth of products and competitive prices available. It's unlikely we would use any other company for our business number needs.

Moore Blatch Solicitors

Many thanks to Planet Telecom for offering a helpful and efficient service which enabled us to find a memorable number for our Consumer Advice Helpline.

Isle of Anglesey County Council

We have been using Planet Telecom for over 7 years and throughout our time with them, our account managers have always been very helpful and extremely prompt when dealing with any queries.

Big Dug