Post Call Surveys

Post Call allows activity to continue on the call after either the caller, agent or both parties have ended the call.

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An example of Post Call is to conduct a feedback survey after a call.

The caller could leave feedback on the Customer Service they have received during the call. The Agent would hang up and the Caller would then be connected to an IVR menu where they are asked a series of questions; they respond by pressing the relevant numbers on their telephone keypad (e.g. How helpful was the agent on a scale of 1-5).

Another example might be that the Caller wants to register to receive some information and the Agent asks them to leave their contact details, the Agent hangs up and the Caller is passed through to a voicemail to leave their contact details.

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Post Call Surveys

Post Call allows activity to continue on the call after either the caller or agent have ended the call.

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