Emergency Call Routing

If for any reason your company's phone lines are all out of order — because of a power cut, a flood, damage to the landlines or some other short-term crisis — Planet Telecom' Emergency Call Routing means you'll never miss a vital sales call. And the best news? It’s free with every Planet Telecom number.

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Minimise the impact of a crisis on your business

If your customers can’t get through to you by phone, the chances are they won’t try to contact you via another route. In short, unanswered calls make you look unprofessional and lose you customers.

Planet Telecom Emergency Call Routing is your telecoms safety net. If your phone lines are out of action, you can instantly redirect your incoming calls to another number. With our add-on Call Answering service you can even have real people answering and redirecting them as if your business were carrying on as usual.

Manage the redirection via your online dashboard

Your phone lines may be down, but with Planet Telecom Emergency Call Routing you’re still in complete control. That’s because your online dashboard lets you use any computer, smartphone or tablet to manage how your incoming calls are redirected, 24/7. Just log on and choose where the calls are routed to and how they’re dealt with by our virtual call-handling services.

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Customise the response your customers get

Here are some of the options you can choose from when you’re considering adding automatic call handling to your Planet Telecom numbers. And remember, you can manage all of these services from your online dashboard.

Percentage Routing: this allows you to redirect, say, 75% of incoming calls to one number, 20% to another, and 5% to a specified mobile. It’s all about flexibility.

Time of Day: if you’re unable to work from your usual premises you might want incoming calls redirected to different backup lines at different times of the day.

Call Queuing with Announcement: this lets you tell your customers their call will be answered shortly and you can add a specific announcement if you’d like to, perhaps relating to the service disruption.

Caller Announcement: play callers a pre-recorded message before their call is connected to let them know you’re still open for business or that your service might be slightly compromised.

Route Calls to Multiple Destinations: choose whether you’d like incoming calls routed to multiple destinations in a particular order or all at once.

Live Call Answering: your regular phones may be down but your customers need never know as our professional UK response team will answer your calls politely and rapidly and redirect them or take messages. These can be sent to your team via email or sms texts.

Voicemail: nobody really likes to hear voicemail when they call a business, but in an emergency situation it’s better than a call going completely unanswered.

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Additional Services For Your Chosen Numbers:

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Call Queuing

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Call Recording

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Call Tracking

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Call Whisper

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Post Call allows activity to continue on the call after either the caller or agent have ended the call.

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Time of Day Routing

Connect your incoming calls to different destinations depending on the time of the day and/or the day of week.

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Virtual Switchboard

Allows callers to select an option via the telephone keypad to connect their call to their desired department.

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Welcome Greeting

Welcome every call with a friendly and helpful pre-recorded greeting.

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Call Answering Service

When all your phone lines are busy our receptionists will professionally answer your incoming calls for you

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